ISLAMABAD (APP) - An exhibition of exquisite paintings, calligraphy and sculptures was opened here Sunday by 10 established as well as emerging artists the Gallery-6 with a display of over 25 items. The exhibition titled "Summer Bloom" focuses various mediums and themes of the artists, including Abdul Jabbar Gull, Aftab Zafar, Amjab Hussain , Arjumand Hussain, Ather Jamal, Aziz Hassan, Irshad Salim, Mohammed Ilyas, Rind and Shahid Hussain. With a focus on city scapes and the medium of oil on canvas, Ilyas has portrayed city scapes of Lahore in his 2 paintings featuring dull colours and bold compositions. While, Rind, a Sindhi artist uses oriental images through painting the beauty of women with oil on canvas and vibrant display of colours. Reflecting the abstract impressionism, Arjumand Hussain exhibits his series of paintings titled "Beyond the Christmas Tree", "Against the Time" and "Friends No More". He has used acrylic on paper with a touch of bright colours while symbolism highlight the titles of his work. The Karachi-based artist, Aziz Hassan has showcased 4 items of abstract and bold compositions creating a blend of light and dark colours with a medium of acrylic on canvas. Documenting the culture and traditions of Pakistan through illustrations, Aftab Zafar is a historian who has painted portraits of Pakistanis, festivals and celebrations in watercolours. Few of his art works have been taken from the "Dance Series" while the others are based on the portraits of people. In the display of sculptures and calligraphy, Abdul Jabbar has exhibited his series titled "Ordinary Souls" done with aluminium and brass in the technique called - Wood Carving on Wall. He tries to express the sufferings of common man using symbolism while the artist, Shahid Hassan has demonstrated calligraphy on fibre glass depicting the antique gold touch in his work. Ather Jamal, a faculty member of Indus School of Art and Architecture, Karachi has focussed the images of women from Sindh in watercolours. The exhibition would continue till June 14.