Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) on the first trading day of the week today witnessed yet another landslide pulling down the KSE-100 index by over 500 points and the market crashing below even the 12,500 marks. Whether the ruling parties would be able to muster enough support for the impeachment of President Musharraf or not, but the very buzz has left the market completely shaken and shattered, as the newly elected government appears to have completely lost the confidence of the entrepreneurs and investors from within and outside the country, who are no longer willing to make any fresh investment and instead draining their capital out of the country for the last three months, which the analysts conservatively estimate at a mammoth $25 billion. No wonder, the rupee slumped down to the lowest ever at over Rs70 to a dollar in a brief period of about three months. The market opened today with chips down by 300 points and finding no good news in sight due to the worst ever turbulent political and economic situation in the country, while economic managers kept talking about further stringent measures such as levy of the CVT triggered another bout of panic selling, which saw the index fast reeling down to 12,494, slashed by over 517 points. The bears kept ruling the roost, while the small investors struck by heavy losses seem totally lost and kept steering in a state shock at the market board showing all companies reaching their lower locks and placed in red zone. KSE-30 index also declined by 650 points and was seen traded near 14605 points.