KARACHI - Sindh Labour Minister, Ameer Nawab Khan, has assured the legal rights of labour unions and eliminate contract system from banking industries and the government and private sectors. He said this in a meeting with a delegation of UBWU, which was comprised of President UBWU Tufail Ahmed and secretary Saleem Sheikh. The Minister also assured them to give 20pc Shares Book Value to the labourers according to the law of privatisation commission. UBWU leaders have presented their demands to the minister, including employment in every discipline such as assistants, guards, peons, cashier, typist, and the statement of basic pay causing them to lose Rs2.5 to 2 million, deduction of GPF Fund on old rules, banishment of leaves, extra working hours, deployment of private security guards, condition of MBA, non-availability of medical facility to the employees, right sizing, awarding surplus to officers and forcedly retirement. The union has also demanded the government to consider their problems and efforts should be taken to provide them relief.