LAHORE - In stark contrast to what PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari said about President Musharraf the other day, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani Sunday said, "We have a great deal of respect for President Musharraf, and hence did not want any confrontation with him." While talking to media men at the State Guest House here, PM Gilani said his government did not believe in policy of confrontation with anybody including the President. Gilani's statement has come at the heels of a remark made by his party chief Asif Zardari who on Saturday asked the President to step down or face impeachment. Gilani's reconciliatory tone towards the Presidency surprised many present on the occasion. Talking about the proposed constitutional package, the PM said it was aimed at striking a balance among the powers of different state institutions and to restore true parliamentary character of the Constitution, which, he believed, had been badly mutilated in the past, and in its present shape, it was neither parliamentary nor presidential. The PPP, he said, had always supported parliamentary form of government. He said the proposed constitutional package would strike down the existing imbalance among the powers of different state institutions. He said PPP wanted restoration of 1973 Constitution in its original form to bring back the parliamentary system in the country. Gilani said copies of the constitutional package would be sent to all coalition partners, and the timing of its introduction in the parliament and the relevant procedure would be determined after consultation with them. He said the issue of unrest in Balochistan would be resolved through political dialogue as his government was against use of force to settle the disputes. An All Parties Conference was on the card to elicit the views of political forces on the issue, he added. About the volatile situation in tribal areas, the PM said his government wanted to correct ground realities in the region, where it was going to implement a two-pronged strategy to fix the problem. While the government would engage in dialogue the peace-loving people and non-militants, who surrender arms, it would also at the same time implement a development strategy in those areas to provide health, education and other facilities to the people. The PM, however, made it clear that armed forces would stay in the troubled region just to meet some emergent situation there. He said the government did not want any conflict with the tribesmen. "We want to make Pakistan a place of peace," he observed. Earlier, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani had separate meetings with assembly members and party men from different districts.