PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari has said that the required number of MPs for the impeachment of President Musharraf could be acquired, but we don't want to do that in order to avoid political upheaval. PPP prefers to resolve all the matters through dialogue and negotiations and avoid confrontation, he said, adding "We are ready to hold talks with anyone including Musharraf despite differences." He said that all the judges including deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry would be reinstated and there should not be any doubt about it. PPP's constitutional package is not final and it could be amended, Zardari said. To a question, he said it is not possible for Musharraf now to use 58-2(B). Zardari termed the proposed constitutional package 'important turn' in history of the country. He said, therefore, he wanted to hold a thorough debate to evolve consensus on the issue. The package was almost based on Charter of Democracy (CoD), which has support of majority of political parties, he told a private television  in an interview on Sunday. He said all political parties wanted to see democratic norms flourishing in the country. Zardari said that the proposed package could be improved through a healthy debate and in consultation with all stakeholders. He said that there was possibility of presenting the package in the National Assembly before the upcoming annual budget, and holding debate on it after the budget session. The PPP Co-Chairman said that in his opinion the proposed constitutional package would be approved in July with consensus by taking all political parties along. Zardari said, he has asked Supreme Court Bar Association President Ch Aitzaz Ahsan for holding discussion on the package as PPP wanted to improve judicial system in the country. He said PPP does not believe in politics of confrontation. It wanted reconciliation and to resolve the judicial issue on the negotiating table. Zardari said PPP believed in supremacy of the Parliament "with comfort, not with confrontation. And making impossible, as possible is the work of politician." To a question, the PPP Co-Chairman said there was working relationship between PPP and the Presidency. To another question, he vowed to address grievances of the people of Balochistan province and added that concrete efforts in this regard were under way. Commenting on present economic situation in the country, the PPP Co-Chairman said there is a think-tank in the party which follows Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto's Doctrine for economy. He said, tomorrow's world would be an era of grain and Pakistan being agrarian-based economy has lot of potential to improve its economy in the days to come. He added the country has sufficient fertile land, water, knowledge and work force to enhance agricultural production and gain progress and prosperity. Zardari said, barren land would be made cultivable by introducing drip-irrigation system to meet growing demand of the agri-products both in the country and abroad. He said, economic zones would be established and local as well as foreign investors would be encouraged to do business here. To a question, he criticised the previous government and said its wrong policies had created problems such as those of wheat, edible oil and loadshedding. He admitted that there were also problems like price-hike, unemployment, loadshedding and food shortage, and urged all the stakeholders to play their due role in tackling these issues. He urged the nation to get united and fight these issues, "collectively we can solve it and divided we will fall....Nations stand together or perish together." He said whenever there is political upheaval, it is the economy of the country that suffers and foreign investors hesitate to invest after seeing the atmosphere not conducive. He said difference of opinion was beauty of the democracy and all the issues should be resolved through dialogue. To a question about the judiciary, he said his party was committed to the Bhurban Accord reached between PPP and PML-N for reinstatement of the deposed judges, and there should be no doubt in mind in this regard. He expressed the hope that PML-N would soon join the federal cabinet. NNI adds: In a separate TV interview, Zardari said that the PML-N has left the cabinet but it is still part of the government and the alliance would remain intact. He said that PML-N and PPP are democratic parties and had also signed Charter of Democracy in the past, adding that both the parties have fought against dictatorship and would continue their struggle for strengthening of democratic institutions of the country. He said the masses have given mandate to the PPP and PML-N for resolving their problems. He said the country is facing different kinds of problems, including inflation, poverty and unemployment and the people's government would try its best to solve these problems to a great extent. Regarding his statement that President Pervez Musharraf is relic of the past, he said it is a fact and voice of the people. The masses want to get rid of him, he added. About the constitutional package, Zardari said let the package come. He said PPP would send its suggestions to the prime minister, through the prime minister to the cabinet and the cabinet is going to bring it to the parliament. About Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan, he said the party has no issue with him. He said he is leading the lawyers because he is also President of Supreme Court Bar Association. Aitzaz has voluntarily withdrawn from contesting by-polls from Rawalpindi, he added.