The Chief Minister of Sindh during his recent visit to Khairpur reviewed the performance of various ongoing schemes of district government offices. On his return to Karachi, he has surprisingly directed all the administrative secretaries to stop development work on those schemes of the district where progress of work is only 25 per cent or less. The CM also issued orders, through an open circular, No. DS (CORD) CMS/40/ 2008 dated May 2, to reassess the feasibilities. Such instructions are reportedly in the offing in respect of other districts as well. At fag end of the financial year, when billions of rupees have already been pumped in by the nation-building departments into these schemes, this unpopular decision of stopping work, on the plea of review, will cause enormous loss to the national exchequer. Besides, it will create untold disillusionment in people of the areas where these schemes are being carried out. Sudden halt of works will also generate unemployment in the districts as thousands of families are have their livelihood tied up with these schemes. -SHAFIQUE ANSARI, Dubai, UAE, via e-mail, May 10.