MASON - Evel Knievel made daredevil history when he jumped 14 Greyhound buses in 1975 at Kings Island. Thirty-three years later, on Saturday, May 24, "Kaptain" Robbie Knievel followed in his dad's tire treads by jumping over 23-plus Coke Zero trucks in the park's parking lot. "I can't believe it's been 30-some years since I've been here, doing wheelies with my father," Knievel reminisced before his jump about his dad, who died in 2007. "I'll be up there to see you soon, Dad, but hopefully, not today," he told his legions of fans surrounding the trucks before his attempt to jump 224 feet over 24 trucks. The crowd went silent as he mounted the 73-foot ski ramp to get his custom-built motorcycle up to the 90 miles per hour speed he needed to make a successful leap. Then in a matter of seconds Knievel was down the ramp, up the jump, and soaring through the air over the cabs of the trucks. "He has done it - a new world record," proclaimed Knievel's announcer Doug Klang after the 46-year-old daredevil landed the jump on a safety deck built over the cabs of the final five trucks. Although Knievel hit just shy of the 231 feet he need to break the world distance record he set in 1998, he did break the record for jumping Coke Zero trucks. "His record for trucks was 19," Klang said. "He shattered that." Records or not - the legions of fans who stood for hours in the sun to see the leap didn't leave disappointed. Trent Butterfield waited 33 years to see a Knievel jump at the park. "I wanted to come here and see Evel in '75," said Butterfield, who lives in Bucyrus. "I drove my dad nuts for months. He wouldn't bring me down here because he was afraid he'd get killed and then I'd be a wreck." So when the opportunity to see Robbie Knievel arrived, Butterfield didn't hesitate. - Middletown Journal