LAHORE - The City District Government has picked lush green fields and fertile land in the close vicinity of hundreds of houses near Saggian Bypass to establish municipal solid waste transfer station, but the Environment Department declared the project as unsuitable on number of grounds including the concerns shown by the residents of the area. The CDG Solid Waste Management Department is establishing MSW transfer station at few metres distance from Saggian Bypass, for which the District Collector has already issued a notification for acquisition of 304 kanal and 14 marla land near village Nain Sukh.  The proposed site comprises lush green fields in the close vicinity of residential and industrial units, gardens of roses and leachy and farmhouses situated very close to the main entrance to Lahore. The acquisition of land for the establishment of MSW transfer station caused public outcry, which led the Environment Department to intervene. The CDG Environment Department officials inspected the site and forwarded a detailed report to the Environment Protection Agency with the recommendations that the concerned department should be advised not to establish the MSW transfer station near Saggian Bypass as the proposed site was not suitable for the project. The report suggests that the proposed site is too close to the entrance of the City and establishment of MSW transfer station will spoil the beauty, give unhygienic look, and create offensive odour. The site comprises lush green fields with season crops and fruit trees. The future trends do not support the establishment of MSW transfer while the residents are also against the project. "The SWMD is running a dumping site at Mehmood Booti on scientific grounds but its environmental conditions are unsatisfactory, which means the concerned department has no capacity to control the problems and the same will happen with the MSW transfer station near Saggian Bypass," the report stated. The report suggested that the SWMD should select depressions and low-lying areas for the MSW transfer station as such areas have low cost and are at a safe distance from the residential areas.