Systems of government do not come from heavens. They are man-made and, thus, always subject to modification and alteration according to the requirements of the times. As democracy and dictatorship have both been alternately tested in Pakistan time and again without positive results, an entirely new system of governance needs to be tried out now. I propose the politics should be put aside for some time to make all government appointments including President, Prime minister, governors, ministers, etc purely 'on merit'. Who decides the 'merit', you might ask. The answer is, let the machine do it. Advertisements should be placed for all top posts including the President, Prime Minister, governors ministers, etc and any Pakistani who meets the basic qualifications laid down in the constitution should be eligible to apply for whichever post he wants to. Tests, formulated by world-renowned experts of politics, economics and administration etc should be conducted under supervision of the UN. The tests should be exhaustive and include every requirement for the job. They should also include psychological tests to check important human values like honesty, integrity, dedication etc. The results of these tests will give us the most suitable persons for the all-important top jobs of the country. -WG CDR (Retd) FARDAD ALI SHAH, Chitral, via e-mail, May 16.