Malik Tariq Ali (The Nation April 18) waxes forth on reopening of what is popularly known as the judicial murder of Bhutto. He talks of a statement made by one of the judges but ignores the statement of the Chief Justice; "Some judges may have had political compulsions, but we all knew Bhutto was guilty as hell". Also does he think the judges hailing from Sindh could have continued to live in Karachi, with their families, after signing Bhutto's death warrant? Even the judges and lawyers from Lahore had to be provided police protection for many years. Was not Justice Mushtaq targeted? Did or did not the FSF men ambush Ahmed Raza Kasuri and end up killing his father? Was their hanging also judicial murder? Why is not any credence paid to the intended victim who says he was targeted thirteen times? That Bhutto tried his best to get him to retract the FIR is well known. Why was Bhutto so worried if he was not guilty? Malik Sahib vents his anger on Masood Mahmood and Saeed Ahmed. My question is, does an innocent person ever turn approver? Turning approvers is proof enough of their complicity in the assassination. And pray on whose behalf could they have been playing this life and death drama at the risk of their own lives? -KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, via e-mail, May 15.