ISLAMABAD (APP)- A two-member committee constituted by the management of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) to investigate the sale of spurious medicines by a private pharmacy will submit its report on Tuesday. According to hospital sources, the committee has completed its investigation after involving all concerned persons to check whether sold medicine was spurious. The committee members included Dr. Tashfeen and Professor Khalid Hasan on Monday involved nine concerned persons in investigation that included two doctors, one nurse, three pharmacy employees and three complainants. Chairman Quality Control Board, Ministry of Health Dr. Rashid alongwith Drug Inspector federal capital Shafiq Khan had sealed the private pharmacy at Pims three days back on receiving complaint that spurious medicines were being sold to the patients. Meanwhile , the hospital administration had also issued directions to stop functioning of the medical store after receiving reports that an attendant of patient admitted in Surgical ICU purchased injection from such drug store which was found spurious by the doctor of the hospital. The samples of such injunction were sent to Drug testing Laboratory, Lahore for proper examination by the team while the PIMS administration had formed a separate committee to internally investigate the matter. Women business development centers planned Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority (SMEDA) plans to establish 14 Women Business Development Centers (WBDC) in major industrial and commercial cities throughout Pakistan with the objective of facilitating and promoting women entrepreneurship in the country. This was stated by Muhammad Alamgir Chaudhary, Provincial Chief (Punjab) of SMEDA while addressing a seminar of women entrepreneurs, jointly organized jointly by SMEDA and Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI). He said these centers, funded by the Government of Pakistan, will provide hands-on support to women entrepreneurs in an exclusive female oriented environment. He said in these Centers, all required facilities like offices, exhibition/display facility and business development services (including training programs) will be offered to women entrepreneurs under one roof. The entire effort is focused at encouraging new business start-ups and support to existing businesses including the right environment for nurturing women owned and managed businesses to an extent that these become sustainable; more specifically, in start-up period (first five years) when they are most vulnerable. WBDC is a supportive entrepreneurial community designed to help grow small businesses. The Centers will be established for providing assistance to home-based businesses or those in earlier stages of development. These Centers will also serve as working place on temporary basis for women entrepreneurs performing businesses at their homes.