PESHAWAR (APP) - Global financial crisis and poor law and order situation in NWFP and FATA due to ongoing war against terrorism has badly affected export of special hand knitted carpet from the province, forcing the exporters to abandon the business while skilled Afghan labours are repatriating to homeland. Trucks loaded with house holds are seen now a days heading towards Khyber Pass for onward journey to Afghanistan carrying skilled Afghan carpet weavers families. We are leaving Pakistan for Afghanistan because it has now become impossible for us to make our livelihood in prevailing slump in business, said Akbar Shah an Afghan carpet weaver while loading his luggage at a truck in Sehti Town. The returning Afghan skilled worker said his whole family depends on earning through weaving and washing of hand made carpet. But in the prevailing circumstances, when demand for carpet and rugs has dropped to almost zero level due to unprecedented reduction in sale, he cannot pay house rent and other expenditures. He also blamed local police for extra ordinary checking and inquires of Afghan nationals because of poor law and order situation in the province. Akbar Shah claimed that almost all the Afghan carpet weavers are Turkmen origin and are very peaceful having no concern with others. Meanwhile, top carpet exporter of NWFP and five times winner of Sarhad Chambers Best Carpet Exporter Award, Dr. Kushal Khan when contacted informed that carpet export has declined to a record low level and demanded of the government to take measures for reviving the business. Dr. Kushal disclosed that a few years ago NWFP was producing and exporting around 60,000 square meters of carpet. The annual export of carpet a couple of years earlier was around dollar 600 million. Whereas now, he went on to say, the annual production of carpet has dropped to around 10,000 square meters and the export is about dollar 50 million. Dr. Kushal added that carpet from Lahore and Quetta was sent to Peshawar for washing and cutting because the weavers here were very skilled. But now, he said, the whole carpet industry including exporter and weaver are sitting idle because of slump in business. He also expressed concern over repatriation of Afghan skilled labour and termed it a loss to the carpet industry of the country. He said our local population is not so much skilled in carpet weaving and cannot produce the product as is produced by Afghan workers, having demand in international market. He also demanded of the government to expedite the project of setting up of 'Carpet Naggar near Taru Jabba in Nowshera district for accommodating Afghan carpet weavers. Dr. Kushal said if the Afghan workers were settled in their homeland they will not return to Pakistan and the country will lose a big component from its list of items exported in international market. Chairman All Pakistan Commercial Exporters Association (APCEA), Zia-ul-Haq Sarhadi when contacted also expressed concern over drop is business of carpet and return of Afghan carpet weavers to their homeland. He said NWFPs export mainly depends on carpet and gemstone and both these sectors are now in much decline. Zia-ul-Haq demanded of the government to arrange special training for imparting skill of carpet weaving from Afghan artisans to local youth so that repatriation could not damage the production of the product. He said after restoring peace in NWFP and FATA, government should give special attention on revival of business in the province by announcing incentives and exemption in taxes because the people of this region have rendered great sacrifices for the cause of safety and protection of the whole nation.