WHILE there are no two opinions that the military should flush out the militants from the Malakand region, the sooner the operation achieves its objectives, the better for the country and the IDPs. The military spokesman Maj General Athar Abbas has said that it would take at least 10 days to completely eliminate militants in the Mingora city. And as soon as the army action comes to an end in Mingora and other parts, the government should help the IDPs' return to their homes. Here, the civil administration would have to play an important role. It would have to create conditions under which the IDPs could be repatriated. Once back in their homes, they would be in need of government assistance on a large scale. They would be looking for jobs, social services like food, education, health, etc. Likewise, provision of loans would come in handy. The humanitarian crisis is of immense proportions. Besides, the infrastructure in the area where the fighting has been going on has been destroyed. Majority of homes, government buildings, schools and other vital installations have been reduced to rubble. Considerable aid has been committed from a number of quarters and it is hoped that all of it would be used to alleviate the plight of the IDPs. While the UN has pledged $ 543 million dollars, the donors have committed $ 243 million. This is a substantial amount but the government should strive to get more in view of the needs of around two million displaced persons.