LAHORE- Justice Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhry of the Lahore High Court on Monday sought personal appearance of a local female singer Naseebo Lal for June 30 in connection with a petition challenging alleged vulgar songs sung by her. On previous date of hearing the judge while imposing ban on exhibition and display of controversial songs of Naseebo Lal and Nooran Lal had sought their replies. On Monday, neither Naseebo Lal nor her counsel appeared before the court while an advocate on behalf of Nooran Lal appeared before the court and sought time for filing his written reply. Meanwhile, Central Board of Film Censor (CBFC) through its secretary filed a reply to the petition filed by a lawyer Asif Mehmood Khan. In its written reply, the CBFC said that it is governed by Motion Pictures Ordinance 1979 and its main functions are confined to censorship of cinematographic films presented to it for certification. There is no provision in law which empowers it and other respondent departments to intervene or check the intimidating work of the singers. CBFC said its duty is only to check exhibition at licensed places like cinemas, however, it said that the trend of making vulgar songs is not denied but the same is not presented before the respondent departments. As far as both singers are concerned, CBFC said they are professional singers and their private work does not come under the purview of CBFC. The CBFC did not certify the impugned songs of the singers, the report added. Petitioner submitted that the departments concerned in connivance with some criminals were violating the law and the constitution and were spoiling the integrity, sanctity and morality of the society. He said shelter given by the government to these singers under the certification of Motion Picture Ordinance 1979 was illegal and against social and religious values. The petitioner prayed to the court to impose complete ban on all the impugned audio/video songs of the two respondent female singers while their certification and exhibition may also be banned forever. The Censor Board and other respondents should also be directed to revise their certifications of all such like films and songs according to the section-6 of Motion Pictures Ordinance 1979, petitioner prayed