THE Indian air chief's perception that China poses a greater threat to India than Pakistan has to be viewed in the light of New Delhi's ambition to be regarded as the most dominant power in Asia. What worries Air Chief Marshal Fali Homi Major the most is the lack of knowledge about the capability of the Chinese army, its combat edge or professionalism. India's readiness to embrace the US offer of nuclear deal ostensibly for civilian purposes but actually to provide it with modern technology and equipment to boost its arsenal owes partially to this fear. The contending territorial claims apart, India and China have agreed to maintain 'peace and tranquillity' and find a political solution of the row. In this background the fear, to all intents and purposes, is overblown. This fear gives little justification for planning to build tunnels along the Line of Actual Control with China and, least of all, along the Line of Control with Pakistan. India wants to dig "hardened tunnels" to 'provide protection to its troops concerned with nuclear, chemical and biological warfare as well as store critical war-fighting equipment. One would wish India desisted from creating conditions that would compel its neighbours to respond in equal measure.