ISLAMABAD - Pakistan on Monday urged the OIC member states to support its efforts aimed at eradicating the menace of terror while reiterating its commitment to fight against extremism and radicalism. In his address to the 36th session of OIC Council of Foreign Ministers held in Damascus, Syria, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Malik Amad Khan said, Pakistan continues its fight against militancy, violent extremism and terrorism. We are fighting ideologies of violence and a retrogressive interpretation of Islam. Terrorists have martyred over 6000 innocent men, women and children in the last eight years in Pakistan. Recently, their atrocities have forced hundreds of thousands of innocent Pakistanis to leave their homes and seek shelter in other parts of the country, he said, according to foreign office statement issued here. This huge cost notwithstanding, the people of Pakistan are united in eradicating this menace, root and branch. Their sacrifices must be supported by the international community, particularly the Islamic states and in particular this Organisation, he said. Amad said, Let us utilise this meeting to renew our pledge that we all will persevere in our efforts to deal with this menace. A misguided minority among us is trying to hijack our great religion. They are trying to promote extremism and terrorism in the name of religion, he said. It was a matter of pride for us that the OIC states were united in eradicating terrorism and extremism from the world and in their respective societies, he said. We have done more than anyone else in the world to fight terrorism and promote moderation, not merely through counselling and lectures but by actually fighting terrorists even when the stability in our own societies is at risk, he said, the statement added. There is no justification for stereotyping and insulting Islam or any other divine religion in the name of freedom of expression. We understand that those who are promoting this trend are also a minority in their societies, he said. Unfortunately, they enjoy freedom to promote their odious agendas. We all agree that interfaith dialogue and cooperation is necessary to promote international harmony. However, this dialogue must lead to evolving an effective international framework to prevent the defamation of religions, he said. The OIC Secretary General enjoyed the support of Islamic organisation to explore establishment of such a framework, he said. The establishment of OIC Observatory on Islamophobia is a welcome development. We hope this Observatory will meticulously record and report incidents of defamation of Islam, Islamophobia and related intolerance in all parts of the world, Amad said. For durable peace and stability, international community must address injustices done to the occupied Muslim peoples. Their just causes must not be de-legitimised. They should be enabled to exercise their inalienable right of self-determination, he said. He said, The OIC must remain united in its support to end foreign occupation of Islamic peoples and territories. We must not allow abuse of fight against terrorism to justify violation of the right of self- determination of the occupied Muslim peoples. Pakistan had consistently extended unequivocal support to the Palestinians in their struggle against foreign occupation, he said. We believe in, and strongly support the international efforts for the final settlement of the issue culminating in the shape of a viable and independent state of Palestine with Al-Quds as its capital, he said. The people of Jammu and Kashmir are struggling for their right of self determination. Over a half century has passed since they were promised this right. Yet the promise is un-kept. We are thankful to our brothers for their unstinting support to the Kashmiri people in their struggle against foreign occupation, he said. Pakistan is committed to achieving durable solution of the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the aspiration of the Kashmiri people. For this purpose, India should resume the Composite Dialogue process in all earnest and sincerity, he said. Pakistan shared special affiliations with Afghanistan, he said adding our two peoples shared common roots of faith, culture and history. Pakistan has been an active participant in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. We continue to host over 2 million Afghan refugees. We look forward to the creation of such conditions in Afghanistan that would enable their return and reintegration so that they can contribute to Afghanistan 's development, he said. Pakistan would remain supportive to the Iraqi government in its efforts to promote security, stability and prosperity in Iraq, he said. In the post Second World War security architecture, the share of Islamic states was negligible. We must remain vigilant that the reform of the United Nations as well as the expansion of the Security Council should not relegate the vast majority of the UN membership particularly the OIC members to a second class status, Amad said. He said that OIC remained at the centre of our common endeavours to promote unity, solidarity and IKHWA among Muslims. With other members, Pakistan remains committed to transforming the OIC into a revitalized, cohesive and strong organization fully capable of protecting the interests of all its members, he said.