PETER Andre wants a quickie divorce from his estranged wife Katie Price. The former Aussie singer has apparently told Price, who is also known as glamour model Jordan, that he is keen for their marriage to be over as soon as possible. But Katie isnt so hot on the idea, and has reportedly told Pete to stop rushing things. Ill take Pete back tomorrow, she said. Ill drop the divorce if he gives me another chance. If only I could turn back the clock. Ive made the biggest mistake of my life. A source added to the UKs Daily Mirror newspaper, Kate doesnt want to rush things. She believes Pete is moving too fast and doesnt want him to go through this divorce without thinking it through properly. SS As far as Pete is concerned, though, their marriage is dead and buried. All he cares about is the welfare of his children. SS There is no going back. Pete wants to get on with things for the sake of his kids and plough on with the divorce - the quicker the better. He doesnt want things to be delayed and turn any nastier than they already are. He just wants resolution, again for the sake of the children. SS Pete wants joint custody - and thats all he cares about right now. He doesnt want his heartstrings tugged, and he sees the split as permanent. He is desperate to read Junior his bedtime story, as he has done for three years. The fact he is not allowed to simply heartbreaking. Pete feels Kate is doing it deliberately, reminding him that his decision to end their relationship has effectively broken up the family. For him, its tantamount to bribery. But in Kates defence, she wants to give the children a routine at such a difficult time. She doesnt want them staying in an unfamiliar house, and feels they will be at their happiest staying with their mum in the house theyve grown up in. SS