It will be interesting to see how the main supporters of Israel, the US and its European allies who think Jewish state is the only beacon of light in Middle East, react to this recent extraordinary piece of news. According to this news, Israel not only possessed nuclear weapons as far back as 1975 but was even willing to sell the nukes to a rogue state of that era, South Africa. And guess who was the person that signed the agreement on behalf of Israel? None other than Shimon Peres who subsequently served as Prime Minister of Israel before becoming President of the Jewish Republic. That is what he is as of now and has also picked up a Nobel Prize along the way for----you guessed it---Peace. With that kind of a certified 'dove' doing what he did back then, who needs the 'hawks' that Israel seems to have in entire flocks? Now you don't expect the US and its allies to demure on Iran whom they keep heckling with the epithet of 'rogue state' but the officials in Washington would surely be little hot under the collar at this disclosure (The Nation, May 24). Expect them to try to hush up the matter as best as they can. -S. R. H. HASHMI, Karachi, May 24