LAHORE - Stressing upon the need of reviving Muthida Majlis-e-Amal, Secretary General Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan (Noorani) Qari Zawar Bahadur has said there is need of an alliance of religious parties to keep a check on the activities of secular rulers. Speaking at The Nation Forum on Tuesday, he said vast majority of people were of the view that MMA had the potential of becoming third political force in the country. Qari Zawar Bahadur said JUI-F was part of the government, which was major hurdle in the revival of MMA. Creation of MMA provided a good platform to people who wanted to protect Islamic values and ideology of Pakistan. Tussle between Jamaat-e-Islami and JUI-F led to end of MMA. Little success of JUI-F in the last general elections was not failure of religious parties as the party contesting polls got only its own votes and not that of MMA, he said, adding now all the constituent parties had realised the importance of unity and were willing to revive MMA. He said even JUI-F had realised the importance of reviving MMA following closure of hundreds of its madaris in Khyber PK. He said Maulana Fazlur Rehman had made it clear that he (Fazl) would prefer MMA over the government. Referring to tussle between the judiciary and the executive, he said clash among institutions could prove dangerous for the system. He said the prevailing crises could lead to early polls. Referring to the performance of Punjab government, Qari Zawar Bahadur said the rulers had miserably failed in maintaining law and order in the province. He said the chief minister had failed to change thana culture while incidents of extortion of money were common. He alleged the police were patronising the criminals. Terming sasti roti scheme as complete failure and wastage of money, he said the government had failed to provide any relief to the poor even after spending billions of rupees. He said hotels, government officers, political workers and mill owners got major portion of the money spent on this useless scheme. He said even half of the money spent on sasti roti scheme could change the fate of poor segment of the society.