ISLAMABAD Notwithstanding All Pakistan Textile Mills Association delegation was happy after getting what they termed as patient hearing by PMs Advisor on Finance Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, the issue of whether or not to protect local industry remains unresolved. According to one of the 9-member delegation of the APTMA that called on Hafeez, they were likely to meet Textile Minister Rana Farooq on Wednesday. However, well-placed sources did not confirm the meeting scheduled for Wednesday. According to the sources, Advisor Sheikh has made it clear to the APTMA that the 15 per cent duty and quota on yarn export would not be withdrawn altogether. At the maximum and that too in case of possibility as well as consent of the Textile Ministry, the duty could be revised downward, said the sources quoting the Advisor as telling the APTMA delegation. The sources said that the Textile Ministry was of the firm view that the APTMA has become a raw material exporter at the cost of the strength of local value added industry. If the yarn would go out of the country without any regulation in terms of duty or quota, the local value added industry already in its fragility would eventually die down. It was quite understandable that the local value added industry was nowhere even near competition to the international value added textile industry. Therefore, the survival of local industry was not possible even on a so-called levelplaying field for all and it certainly needed protection at least in terms of ensuring availability of local yarn by discouraging its free export, the sources added. Meanwhile, a Finance Ministry handout stated, Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh assured the APTMA delegation that the government would try to resolve all their genuine problems in consultation with all stakeholders. Earlier, the APTMA had called off its countrywide strike after meeting with Textile Minister Rana Farooq Ahmad Khan on May 20. They remained on two-day strike that they had called off after assurances from the government to resolve the issue amicably.