ISLAMABAD (APP) The water from the Attaabad lake has completely drowned Lower Shishkat, and now the Gilmat population is also under danger. Gilmat is the tehsil headquarter and has a population of 3000. Its markets and lower regions are already flooded. Since the water from the lake is not being removed, the nearby villages are also jeopardized, private news channel reported. The area between Gilmat and Hussaini is completely flooded, whereas water had also reached the lower regions between Hussaini and Passu. On the other hand, the water level is rising at a rate of 2.10 feet annually because of which even the upper areas are also beginning to flood. According to governmental data, the difference between the spillway and the level of lake is 10 feet. Ataabad lake water is likely to enter spillway in 2 days and water level has risen to 350 feet, bringing the distance close between water and spillway. The National Disaster Management Authority says that water outflow is likely to begin from the landslide-hit lake anytime between Tuesday and Thursday. The NDMA spokesman said that water outflow was 197 cusec against the inflow, which is about 2400 cusec. According to the Met office, weather will remain dry in Hunza and its adjoining areas, due to which melting of ice will be intensified. Hunza Deputy Commissioner said that commandos of Pak Navy have arrived in Hunza amid fears of possible flooding. Meanwhile, water seeping from the lake into valley has submerged many other areas.