ISLAMABAD Amidst the slow paced hunt for more scapegoats, the countrys premiere investigating agency, FIA is all set to submit final challan against five TTP suspects who were arrested during the Musharraf regime and were accused of assassinating late Benazir Bhutto, a move many believed tantamount to inter high profile case. FIA has stepped up efforts in finalising challan against five different suspects who allegedly plotted BB assassination. And they are blamed to have close connections with TTP assassinated commander Baitullah Mehsud, sources said. However, sources other than these, who are privy to parallel developments are of the view that the government has virtually abandoned avenues including the fact-finding committee headed by the Cabinet Secretary Rauf Chaudhry to follow the leads and reach a logical course in fixing responsibility. There is no plausible effort being made in the light of the UN probe report except that FIAs Special Investigation Group is still trying to fish out potential scapegoats, a source said, adding some middle rank officers of Rawalpindi police were still being hunted. Sources further said that the Special Investigation Group headed by DIG Khalid Qureshi has so far established that the telecommunications record book of Rawalpindi police has been tampered with. However, it was still investigating to find out as to who had ordered tampering of the official record and who was the one who executed the order. Sources said that the entire efforts of the Special Investigation Group have been focused on the then ASP Ishfaq Anwar, who was assigned to provide box security to Ms Bhutto, had changed his statement given to the UN Commission and told the FIA team that he had been sent to Koral Chowk by the then CPO to handle another incident. He is believed to have produced some documents in supporting his statement that the investigators found tampered. The investigators are considering proceeding against Ishfaq Anwar.