MULTAN (APP) - Renowned industrialist and representative of Value-added textile forum South Punjab, Syed Muhammad Aasim, demanded the government of taking measures to lower export of yarn as it was affecting the value added sector and depriving the country of huge foreign exchange. Talking to APP, he said 18 million workers including 1.5 million women were directly linked to the value added sector and it was earning a lot for the country, he added. He said there were more than 60,000 powerlooms in Multan and over 400,000 people were linked to them. He said the country was producing 12 million bales of cotton while consumption in the country was 15.5 million bales. He said there was a shortfall. Besides, 900,000 were exported to foreign countries which created more problems for the value added sector. He said spinning and value-added sectors were closely linked and there must be coordination between them. He said strikes would not benefit both and the country. He urged the government to introduce balanced measures to resolve the problem and to save 18 million workers from unemployment.