If my memory serves me right the Lahore High Court had specifically directed the nuclear scientist-turned-columnist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan not to comment in any manner on the country's nuclear programme and assets in his writings or speeches. Dr Khan was prominent among a number of scientists who had made invaluable contribution to the cause of turning Pakistan into a nuclear power in May 1998. It is a different and quite sad story though that he was later allegedly found involved in the smuggling of nuclear technology to one or more countries. Now, however, the nuclear scientist-turned-columnist in his latest column in an English language daily (which pays him a tidy sum for his outpourings due to writing pangs) has dilated at length on the country's nuclear programme. There are liberal smatterings of self-praise for which he has quoted verbatim and ad nauseum what various Presidents, Prime Ministers and the Army Chiefs had observed. And he has also reproduced some highly sensitive and secret information pertaining to the nuclear programme. The self-praise, even though unbecoming, is his right but disclosures he has made are a violation of the direction of Lahore High Court forbidding him from offering comments regarding the country's nuclear programme and assets. He has crossed a line here and it is up to the Lahore High Court to determine what to do about it. All they need to do is to take a sou moto notice. -SHAAN ALI ZAIDI, Lahore, May 25.