LAHORE At last the Higher Education Commission and Punjab Higher Education Department have sought written reply from the University of Education about the repeated revisions of results, and the faulty examination system of the University. Because of this, earlier the University of the Punjab had stopped the UoE degree holder students from attending masters classes, while having a clear stance that the HEC had not approved the UoE graduation degrees as the UoE was awarding dual degrees in two years. On the other hand, the UoE administration is of the view that 'everything is being done legally, and as per the rules of the University. However, it admits of 'improving the system since the University is in its initial years. According to sources, Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif upon complaints reaching his office had ordered the HED to sought written reply from the UoE regarding its flawed examination system. The source confided that the UoE had submitted reply to the HED, while University was yet to do same for the HEC. While referring to the reply, the source revealed the University administration had maintained that committees were constituted for the revision of results since a lot of students got failed, and they were protesting. This is not actually the case since under no circumstances, the UoE can revise the results, as it has been laid out in a rule, which states, 'A script once marked cannot be re-evaluated. This is a blatant violation of the University rules, averred the source, while adding that the UoE was yet to follow any set pattern in almost all spheres of its working. Another source, while referring to the problematic areas of the UoE examination system and especially the 'tradition of revising results, confided that last year as per the notifications, BS (Honours) Chemistry Part-I result, a total of 29 students took the examination, and all of them were declared 'fail, while in the revised result, 9 got passed. This result was revised thrice, and ultimately 27 students were declared 'pass as if magical wand has worked for them, he enumerated one example, while further pointing out that result of BS (Honours) Chemistry Part-II was revised for once, MSc Chemistry Part-II for thrice, MSc B.Ed Part-I for twice, BSc B.Ed Part-I for four times, BS Ed Professional Second Year for five times, BS Ed-IIIrd for thrice, MSc Maths Part-I for twice and MSc Chemistry for twice again. Marks can be recalculated, but results shall not be revised at all, and the latter case amounts to committing crime by the University, maintained the source. When Controller Examination Dr Shaban Ali Bhatti another man from the PU like the Chancellor Mirza Munawwar Sultana was requested to comment on the accusations, he squarely refused to do so 'on telephone, and asked the scribe to meet him personally. On the other hand, when Ms Sultana was asked about the issue, initially she straightaway declined to having known the issue at all. There is nothing in my knowledge regarding the revision of results, she said explicitly. However, later she admitted to having revision of results for the betterment and benefit of the students. This year, no revisions have been done. Moreover, as far as the revision of results is concerned, we have adopted proper measures and regular procedures by involving the bodies concerned, she said, while concluding that the UoE working was transparent to the maximum extent. Results Punjab University Examinations Department has announced the results of MA Education (Elementary/Secondary/General), Part-I, Annual Examination 2009 and MEd (General & Science), Annual Examination 2009.