LAHORE The Indian government has stepped up its 'efforts to spoil the much-awaited Afghan 'Peace Jirga, following the Afghan government announcement to hold a three-day peace conference next week (from June 2 to 4) in Kabul. Well-placed sources revealed that New Delhi is endeavouring either to 'spoil the holding of Jirga or use the event to create mistrust between Afghanistan and Pakistan and the task has been given to Indian intelligence network in this regard. 'The Indian undercover operatives are actively engaged in cultivating some members to raise the issues of Durand Line, Taliban activities and their purported support from Pakistan in Jirga proceedings, a top diplomatic source said, requesting his name not be mentioned as he was not allowed to speak publicly on the issue. According to the Education Minister of Afghanistan Ghulam Farooq Wardak, at least 1,400 participants will attend the Jirga including 70-80 Afghans living in Pakistan. Afghan refugees living in Iran would also attend the peace Jirga. A great number of Afghans feel that Peace Jirga could prove detrimental to suspicious Indian goals and objectives in the region. 'New Delhi, therefore, would wish to sabotage the event, the source commented. When contacted, another high-level diplomatic source based in Kabul, said that India is worried about the possible success of this Jirga. While Indias clout with President Karzai is waning, so New Delhi has stepped up efforts to malign Pakistan. Indian anxiety over the holding of Peace Jirga is well understood. However, these issues cut across the fundamental spirit of this whole exercise, i.e., to work out a political formula to bring sustained peace in Afghanistan, observers added. The people of Afghanistan fairly well understand the significance of peace and tranquillity and would foil any attempt coming their way. The international players and guarantors of peace should also take the responsibility to ensure that Peace Jirga stays on course and set goals uninterrupted and unhindered, they added.