There is no denying the assertion by a delegation of India's minorities that their plight beggars description. The delegates made these remarks at the Aiwan-e-Karkunan Tehreek-e-Pakistan in Lahore on Monday. They rightly pointed out that the successive ruling classes in India, belonging to the Brahmin community, have been ruling the roost and have always prevented the downtrodden from gaining any power base in the political structure. Their grouse gets all the more important because it shows that louder voices from within India are now joining the chorus against the atrocious manner in which New Delhi has been treating its own vulnerable communities. These are no outsiders slinging mud on the so-called Indian secularism but the people who have been the victims of its misplaced vision. There should be little doubt that Muslims, Untouchables and other minority groups in India have been at the receiving end of all kinds of social and economic injustice. Besides, there have been numerous instances where Hindu fundamentalists have carried out most brutal attacks against Christians, Muslims and the Untouchables. This is how 'incredible India' looks like contrary to its commonplace depiction the world over as a South Asian oasis. All those who are fascinated by the hype created by the Indian and Western media would do well to ponder over this aspect of India's sham democracy and its hoax of secularism. The delegation also cautioned against the so-called peace initiatives like Aman ki Asha and stated that it was started on the behest of the Zionist forces. They are definitely making the right noises because it seems New Delhi actually wants to keep us guessing while invariably focusing on armaments. Indeed, if the latest rounds of talks merely about more talks are anything to go by, it is clear that their intention has never been to settle the core issues of Kashmir and water but to endlessly keep Pakistan embroiled in a sticky situation.