LAHORE - The incumbent provincial assembly is performing better than the previous house, says Deputy Speaker Punjab Assembly, Rana Mashhood Khan. He expressed these views while speaking at a function held to launch the two-year performance report of the provincial assembly at a local hotel on Tuesday. He said Punjab Assembly with the collaboration of USID-PLSP has introduced a strategic plan 2010-12 recently, which suggested several proposals for making the performance of the provincial assembly more effective. Mashhood said fake degree holding MPs were being caught for the first time, while it was not the case when army dictator was in power. He said that 70 percent members of the incumbent house were new entrants and there was arrangement for their training in legislative work. He said the masses were not yet ready to accept that an MP should do only legislation, as they wanted their elected representatives to solve their daily problems too. Deputy Speaker said that the masses were disappointed with the rulers, as they failed to implement the Charter of Democracy. He claimed that the present assembly did more work in two years than what the previous did in five years. Mashhood said the masses would be able to elect better leadership, if elections were held regularly for three or four times. He said that there were laws in place to tackle every problem but the same were not being implemented. Referring to expensive election process, he said voters were also to be blamed for it, as they demanded the contestants to pay their utility bills.