The whole episode of the PCB investigation, as it has come out in public, has blotted the image of Pakistan cricket. The leaked video of investigation wherein Intikhab Alam and Aaqib Javed are shown openly expressing doubts about Kamran Akmal is very damaging. With that kind of a solid proof on public record, how can anyone blame another person? Mr Intikhab Alam has been a long-serving coach of Pakistan cricket team, the capacity in which he was there during the disastrous Australian tour. Why didn't he take action at that time and why didn't he have any alternative plans for going with another wicket keeper in the field. Mr Alam himself failed totally as a team official just as his boys failed as players on the ground. None performed up to the mark. Then, Mr Alam didn't even resign after the Australian disaster and instead of taking responsibility for the drubbing, he is now making these claims about match-fixing? I hope to see a change in Pakistan cricket and not in the cricket team. The team now has a good captain and a good coach. The problems are elsewhere. I think Mr Ijaz Butt needs to resign because he has not done anything good yet that could be cause enough to keep him in the chairman's office. He spends so much money touring but has failed to bring any team to Pakistan as yet. In the circumstances we are in, even a team like a souped-up World Eleven or some back-of-beyond team like Zimbabwe could have changed the fortunes of Pakistan cricket a little. Nothing of even that sort has come our way. About time we considered a professional person like Majid Khan as chairman of the PCB. Mr Butt is squatting at that office only because of his political links with the high government officials. -MUBASHIR MAHMOOD, Karachi, May 24