The reported instances of police brutality, rape and murder in police stations adnauseum indicates that the police has become so rotten that it needs to be disbanded altogether. Events like the rape of a poor 13 years old girl in a police station for 21 days by police officers themselves is the kind of outrage that invites the divine wrath. Despite several warnings by the Chief Minister Punjab, there is little response from police on improving the deplorable state of dysfunction the department has reached due to constant regression. This is no joke but a true expression of exasperation that I am suggesting the only solution left now is to disband the entire police force. Let's replace our police at all levels by retired army personnel who have been trained under and have served in a disciplined force and are much more amenable to requirements of the government. Police has simply lost the culture of service to the people. What to talk of maintaining law and order they are the biggest of law breakers. Dacoits wearing police uniforms have been caught and, then, we came to know that they were serving police officers 'working' in off-duty hours. The police as it exists today is incurable, unmanageable, an (out) law unto itself. It is now found openly beating up people on the roads in a most despicable way known in police parlance as 'Chithrole'. The violation of human dignity by this pack of psychopaths has reached depths of degradation now. Change, immediate, imminent and fundamental is now a must, it cannot wait. People simply cannot be left at the mercy of these animals that identify themselves as police of Pakistan. -DR M YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, May 24