KARACHI The cloud of sectarian violence are looming over the city as arch rivals, sectarian defunct outfits have scheduled to hold rallies and meetings at Nishtar Park on the same date. According to the reports, defunct rival sectarian outfits including Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) and Sipah-e-Muhammad Pakistan (SMP), are getting strengthened day-by-day while using different covers for restructuring and strengthening their organisations, The Nation learnt on Tuesday. The co-organizations including Sunni Action Committee (SAC) a sub-group of SSP while Tehreek-e-Janisaran-e-Hussain (TJH), the undercover name of SMP going to organised the rallies and gatherings on May 28, at the same venue of Nishtar Park. The spokesman for Tehreek-e-Janisaran-e-Hussain while talking to The Nation said that they had planned to organise a gathering at Nishter Park on May 28. He said that there was no need for prior permission because the government had already failed to arrest the culprits, involved in the bomb blasts and target-killings. He said that they had planned to organise a rally and gathering of hundreds of the TJH activists who would take to streets to record their protest against the failure of the government and the law-enforcement agencies. He claimed that so far no headway could be made by the law-enforcement agencies in the cases of Youm-e-Ashura mayhem, twin blasts on the Chelum and the incidents of target-killing of Shias. He said that they had been demanding the government to arrest the culprits but the authorities did not bother to heed to their demand. He alleged that the government granted permission to their own people like Sunni Action Committee (SAC), a sub-group of the defunct SSP. It is to be noted that the SAC is also scheduled to hold a rally and meeting on the same day and venue to press the government for the arrest of the culprits, behind the killings of Sunni Ulema in target-killing incidents. A number of Sunni clerics including Maulana Saeed Jalal Puri, Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Nadeem, Hafiz Ahmed Bux and others have been killed in the target-killing incidents and the government could not arrest any of the culprits, involved in the incidents, leaders of the SAC said. According to the reports, the authorities are either unaware of the recent development or have turned a blind eye towards the frequent incidents while target-killing on sectarian basis has been continued in the City intermittently. At least a dozen people have been killed over the last couple of months from both sides while the authorities are reluctant pay heed to the chronic matter. Targeted sectarian killings took place recently including the murder of a doctor and a cleric of a mosque in Orangi Town while two more murders have also taken place in Mehmoodbad and Malir area, both in the Abbas Town within the limits of Sachal Police which have also been considered as the result of sectarian strife. The target-killings of Shias have been taken place intermittently while the same phenomena has hit the rival SSP and its various leaders and workers have been targeted over the last couple of months. There are a number of prominent SSP personalities that have been killed over the last couple of months including Abdul Ghafoor Nadeem, Ilyas Zubari, Ali Shair Hydri and various other key workers but the govt has so far been unable to unearth the elements involved behind these incidents.