ISLAMABAD All of the seven people who were picked up in the limits of Islamabad Capital Territory on the charges of having links with Faisal Shahzad, the alleged plotter of a failed bomb explosion at New York's Time Square, have not confessed anything serious that could lead to their direct involvement in the botched attack, sources disclosed on Tuesday. However, sources are of the view that these people were rounded up on suspicions of having links with Faisal. Those who were picked up from Islamabad have been identified as Shoaib, Shahid Hussain, Ahmed Raza, Hamble, Sulman Ashraf and two real brothers, one of the two is a government official in a security department. While sharing the details of the detained people, intelligence sources said that Shoaib was arrested on his alleged involvement in uploading a video clip of Hakeemullah Mehsud, Chief of TTP, a banned militant outfit. In that clip, he claimed the outfits hand in the New York bomb blast attempt. The sources further said that Shoaib was running computer business in Islamabad. They revealed that after Faisals alleged failed attempt, it is said that Shoaib made a telephone call to Faisal Shahzad urging him to flee from America. This information was passed to Pakistans intelligence agencies by FBI. Upon this, the arrest of Shoaib was made and interrogation was underway from him to ascertain the fact, sources added. Similarly, an official (A) of a security agency was the person who was first arrested from Islamabad in the wake of Time Square bomb attempt. Later, his brother, Qamar, was also apprehended for interrogation. Sources further revealed that one Shahzad was also among the arrested persons who were picked up on his alleged links with Faisal as during Faisals visits to Pakistan, he provided him residence in the Federal Capital. It was also learnt that Ahmed Raza was also picked up a few days ago. Ahmed is an IT engineer by profession and working for an International Software House located in Islamabad. They further revealed that it was yet to be cleared whether these people including Faisal were involved or not but it is a fact that all these are having links with each other. It was also learnt that Faisal Shahzad during last 2 years made a number of visits to Pakistan. Sharing the details of Salman Ashraf,- owner of Hanif Rajput catering company- sources disclosed that he was a prime suspect of having financial links with Faisal Shahzad. Whereas, one suspect, Hamble was also in the custody of law-enforcement agencies. It is said that Faisal during his visit, met with him at Salmans residence. It is relevant to note here that some circles are claiming that at least two detained person were in the custody of American FBI and they were interrogating them in the US Embassy Islamabad. However, the quarters concerned have been categorically denying the involvement of FBI in the entire interrogation process.