ISLAMABAD A group of Zardaris cronies on Tuesday marched to the apex court to show their all out support for their beloved colleague, Babar Awan. The convoy of 'soldiers comprising mostly the federal ministers from the ruling party. Physically present but mentally absent, these 'drowsy ministers were enjoying some sweet dreams during the brief but deep naps ahead of the court proceedings. Some of them were found in their deepest slumbers and soon started snoring. Minister of Water and Power, Raja Pervaiz Ashraf was too smart to use his entry pass as 'fan to beat the heat amid all humidity that prevailed in the courtroom, as air conditioners were not switched on before 11:30 am courtesy Rajas own 'worthy contributions to the power crises. The Minister had closed his eyes and moved his 'fan in such a fine way that one was compelled to think that the capable Minister was always doing some important work even during sleep. Nothing could be worse for these 'sluggish ministers who had to come to the apex court from the Presidency while expecting the same luxurious treatment that they received at the latter venue. The 'innocent cabinet members were unaware that everybody regardless of his status and power is treated equally in the apex court and no additional protocol is given to the 'special souls. After Tuesdays experience, most of the ministers would refrain from attending the court proceedings. If their 'inner desire impels them to jump into the ring to provide a morale booster to their beloved Awan, they would make sure that they would not enter the courtroom before 11:30am.