As a student of social studies, I feel that Pakistan's internal and external policies have always been influenced by pressure from outside. We have always been reactive and have never tried to be proactive. The pressure on us has sometimes been brought to bear in the form of sanctions by US, or due to international isolation through diplomatic efforts by India or false accusations by the Afghan government. The foreigners usually interfere in our policy matters feigning a desire to support Pakistan or bring the policies on course towards betterment. But nothing better has really come out and the poverty, frustration and sense of deprivation are all on the increase in Pakistan today. The reason, as per my understanding, is the ubiquitous injustice in the society coupled with a lack of education and an all-pervasive corruption right up to the highest level. The inconsistency of policies and a general lack of foresight among leaders are added blights. During the sixty years of Pakistan's history, we have failed to identify even the most basic problems, including identification of a form of government that might do something for this country. We have always been depending on others to solve our problems and conversely blaming others for our own follies. We have to stand-up as a nation just this once to prove to the world that we are not a nation of beggars or corrupt. We are an honourable nation whose people have the capacity to overcome everything. We need to identify the best man to lead our nation and whole heartedly support him for specific period so that the world could knows that the leader of Pakistan is strong from within and has the capacity to withstand pressures of the world. -NAZLI AZIZ, Rawalpindi, May 25