WASHINGTON (Agencies) - The US has indicated it would not oppose a Sino-Pak civilian nuclear deal but wants it to be in compliance with NSG rules, notwithstanding warnings by top scholars that such an approach would be a high-stakes diplomatic gamble and short-sighted move. We will seek to make sure that, should this deal go forward, it is in compliance with the rules of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), State Department spokesman P J Crowley told reporters at his daily Press briefing on Monday evening. Crowley was not sure if the issue specifically came up or would figure in discussions between the US and China during the ongoing strategic and economic dialogue between the two countries in Beijing, for which secretary of state Hillary Clinton is in China. I dont know if this will come up during the Secretarys meetings in China this week. We are talking to China more broadly about the implications of this deal, Crowley said. Earlier in the day, two noted American scholars on South Asia said there are signs of the Obama Administration softening its position towards Chinese-Pakistani nuclear cooperation. US officials have avoided pressing China against moving forward with a deal to supply two new nuclear reactors to Pakistan, they said.