ISLAMABAD A track to the 'aliens would always unravel startling secrets. Given that the scores of 'suspicious souls reside in the heart of Federal Capital, one wonders if the security agencies would ever wake up. This newspaper has discovered 35 more 'alien homes in different areas of the Capital. These residences have been hired by the US Embassy in the name of Office of Defence Representative (ODRP) that reports to US Department of Defence. Apparently, the ODRP in Pakistan is operating to monitor and evaluate the reimbursement of funds under the Coalition Support Fund (CSF). However, off-the-curtain revelations indicate that the same office, with the patronage of US Embassy, is massively expanding its covert network under highly suspicious and questionable activities that include espionage and massive infiltration of the US marines in rural parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). At least 35 houses, which are hired for residential and official purposes contain 300 to 350 US marines. On an average, 6 to 10 US marines are currently residing in these homes that are used as offices-cum-residences. The postal addresses of 18 of these roughly 35 venues, which were available with TheNation, show that 4 of them are located in F-7/3 and F-8/3 each, two in F-7/2, F-7/4 and F-8/2 each, and one each in F-6/2, G-6/3, G-6/4, F-11/4. The aforementioned postal addresses do not include the 15 Blackwater suspects residences, the details of which were published in this newspapers story dated May 14. With the inclusion of these 18 homes, the locations of 33 out of roughly 70 suspicious homes are known to this journalist. Sources, who have experience of interacting with the US marines, confided that they (marines) take pride in introducing themselves as US soldiers that are here for 'humanitarian purposes while on the other hand, the US Embassy introduces US marines as humanitarian workers and auditors, who are here apparently to monitor 'funds transfer under CSF. You dont even need to take a second glance to identify a US marine. From their looks including sturdy builts to their covert operations, every single fact would help you believe that they are US marines in the garb of humanitarian workers, credible sources mentioned. Contrary to this huge 'bulk of the so-called US defence representatives in Pakistan, majority of the states usually have four to five defence representatives in other countries while smaller states do not have more than one defence attachT or representative abroad. Pakistan has four defence representatives in United States.