LAHORE General House of the Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) on Wednesday condemned the attack on the PNS base in Karachi and demanded immediate inquiry into intelligence failure and weak security around the base to fix responsibility for this delinquency in order to restore confidence of the armed forces. Presided over by the Bar President Asghir Ali Gill, the House also denounced the killing of advocate brothers in Karachi and expressed solidarity with the Sindhi lawyers on the incident while sharing sympathies with them. Secretary of the Bar Arshad Malik Awan, advocate Ghulam Farid Sanotra, Musthtaq Raj, Liaqat Ali Qureshi, Ahmad Awais, Mian Hanif Tahir, Allah Buksh Gondal, Rana Saeed, Rashid Lodhi, Muhammad Arshad Virk and Muhammad Nawaz Cheeema addressing the house said, lawyers in Karachi were made target for the reason Sindhi lawyers had demonstrated an unprecedented resolution for restoration of the independent judiciary during the last movement. They expressed solidarity with the Karachi lawyers and extended sympathies to them on the killing of two lawyer brothers. The speakers flayed terror attack on the PNS base and called for making foolproof arrangements for the security and protection of the sensitive installations as well as the soldiers. They asked the authorities to find out the securities lapses and plug the loopholes and adopt strict measures at every tier not to let any terrorist sneak in to execute his nefarious plans. They emphasised the need of reviewing the security arrangements and finding out the responsible for the security lapses in order to restore confidence of the armed forces and to boost their morale. Asghir Ali Gill in his speech demanded immediate exposure of the killers of the Karachi advocates. On the PNS base incident, he said, it was a serious happening and called for a consensus on the security of such installationsat the base.