Brad Pitt has revealed that he is frightened of anything happening to his children. The Tree of Life actor, who raises six kids with long-term partner Angelina Jolie, explained that his priorities have changed since becoming a father. When asked what impact raising children had on him, he replied: Its changed everything. Im scared of death, sure, arent we all? Whos not? I mean, I dont want to go just yet but it is a reality we all live with. And its something Im more concerned with being a father and Im more concerned with being safe and that theyre safe. In fact, its my only fear - where I used to be more concerned with myself. Pitt also explained that his family are quite nomadic and enjoy backpacking in different parts of the world. He said: Were quite comfortable living out of suitcases, were quite nomadic. The kids have to carry their backpack and if they forget it, they forget it - because theres just too much to keep track of. Mums really good at the packing. Shes militant, shes really, really talented. I couldnt do it. We have a base camp in LA and were trying to establish a base camp in France which can be a hub for going to other places in the world. But theyre quite used to it. We try to travel at night so they sleep because its really difficult for everyone to be awake and the chaos that ensues. The 47-year-old added that his children still arent aware of what their parents really do for a living but he is determined to make them proud in the future. He commented: They know mum and dad tell stories and make movies but they dont really know what it is because they havent seen it and theyre not impressed by it. Its just what mum and dad do and its a bummer when mums got to go to work, you know, or when dads got to go to work. Becoming a father certainly changed the way I choose films because Im very aware they are going to see them one day. I want them to be proud of their dad in the end, when they grow up and figure out what we actually do for a living. Pitt recently insisted that he always wanted to have a large family. DS