A cat has started caring for a group of baby chicks, claims a Chinese farmer. Lao Yang initially put 30 newborn chicks in an open cardboard box by the side of his bed, but one day, he returned home to find that they were befriended by his cat Niu Niu. More than 10 chickens were playing with Niu Niu, and she even embraced several in her arms, the farmer said. The chickens chirped as if they were under their mothers belly. Lao has since let his cat look after the chicks, and added: Niu Niu loves lying among the chickens. Occasionally she will touch them, lick their hair, and play with them. The chickens will run after Niu Niu wherever she walks. If they feel cold, they will stay close to Niu Niu, who will lie down and embrace them in her arms. DS