ISLAMABAD - After retreating from the devolution of the Higher Education Commission, the Pakistan Peoples Party-lead coalition government is considering getting a one-year extension in the devolution ostensibly to deal with the complexities of the process regarding some ministries going to be put under the control of the provinces in the final phase. Sources in the government said that keeping in view the complexities associated with the devolution of ministries of labour and manpower, minorities affairs and health, it was under consideration to delay the devolution of some components of these ministries for another year so that the international obligations and commitments could be fulfilled and other related matters resolved. Sources in the Implementation Commission on the 18th Amendment informed TheNation that the chairman and the members of the commission were determined to accomplish the task by end-June, but at the same time there was a lot of pressure on the commission from various quarters to put off the devolution of ministries of health, labour and manpower and some other departments operating under the seven ministries to be devolved to the provinces. Sources said that it was due to the tremendous public pressure that the decision to devolve the Higher Education Commission was put off and now it was most likely that it would be placed under the control of the Cabinet Division as was done in the case of some other allied departments of the ministries devolved to the provinces. Implementation Commission sources said that chairman of the commission, Senator Mian Raza Rabbani, and members were unhappy with the current state of affairs and were of the view that the devolution process should be completed as per the stipulated timeframe. Sources said that Mian Raza Rabbani had discussed this aspect with both the president and the prime minister and opposed the plan of deferring the devolution of some ministries for another year. He was of the view that this way the masses confidence, particularly of the people from the smaller province, in the system would shatter. Sources in the government said that the legal wizards of the government were discussing the legal and constitutional options for extending the date for devolution for another year. Most likely it would be through an executive order instead of approval from the parliament, said a source privy to the developments. Sources said that in another development, the chief ministers of two provinces had written to the government that they would not be in a position to take control of more ministries, as they were not having the required infrastructure. They had requested the federal government to defer the devolution process for the time being. On the other hand, the Establishment Division had also made it clear to the government that they were no more in a position to absorb the employees of the rest of the seven ministries to be devolved to the provinces, and recommended that either the employees of these ministries be transferred to the provinces along with the devolution of ministries or the same be placed in the surplus pool.