LAHORE Following terrorists attack on PNS Mehran Karachi, where security has been put at high alert countrywide there FIA officers apart from other steps have equipped themselves with weapons to confront with any expected terrorist attack, a senior officer on Wednesday said seeking anonymity. It is worth mentioning here that after Karachi incident main gate of the FIA Lahore office situated at Regal Chowk has been completely closed down and entrance to common visitors was refused by the security staff. We have already faced two deadly attacks in the past wherein not only causalities happened but also a six storey building was ruined completely by terrorists said an officer and added that tomorrow he would also bring his rifle with him for his self defense. Spokesman of the FIA said that agency has also put the matter in the notice of Punjab government to provide enough security to FIA office but all in vain. Sources claimed that senior officers were carrying their own weapons for their security and they were trying to secure themselves by closing main gate of the office causing problems for the common people who visit FIA office for the redressal of their grievances. On Tuesday and Wednesday a large number of peoples gathered out side the FIA office as they were refused entry in the office in the name of security. When this scribe wanted to enter in the FIA office, the security staff intercepted him and told that due to Karachi incident except FIA officers no body was allowed to enter FIA office. They even refused to honor the Entry Pass issued to this scribe by Additional Director FIA and after the interference of Additional Director on mobile phone the entrance was allowed. It is pertinent to mention here that security staff comprising three to four people deputed on main gate of the FIA were not only empty handed but also dont know even alphabets of security. An applicant Muhammad Akram standing out side the FIA office said that what sort of security it was, if the FIA officer could not listen to the aggrieved people they should closed down the office and go to homes. Another citizens who had come from Shahdra said that it was simply unfair that applicants were standing in scorching heat on the road and FIA officers have closed their door for them. He said, I have come to lodge a complaint against a travel agent but despite passing two hours he was not allowed to enter the FIA office. An other citizen claimed that security staff was allowing some people who had their reference inside office to go inside. When contacted spokesman of the FIA said that all it was being exercised for security reasons.