LAHORE Two unidentified bandits robbed a senior journalist Jehangir Hayat in front of Wapda Hospital here on late Monday at Ferozpur Road. According to the journalist, he was coming back to home from his office at Johar Town at about 11 pm, when two unidentified youth held him hostage on gunpoint and snatched his mobile phone and Rs 3500. He said that had Ichra police staffers and 15 service staffers not used delaying tactics for emergency call, the dacoits could have been arrested with ease. I called at 15 service by borrowing a mobile by a passer-by at the same moment when both dacoits were fleecing away on a blank number plane motorbike. A police van appeared after half-an-hour the incident took place whereas Ichhra PS is situated at a stone throwing distance from the site of incident, he added.