In my humble opinion, the way the terrorists entered the naval base at Karachi was an invitation to them by the insiders already waiting for them there. The miscreants entered one of the most heavily guarded security zone as if they were going to have a rendezvous with their beloved ones in a cafe beside a gorgeous lake. It seems to me as if the insiders at naval base opened the doors and ushered the terrorists in. It is mind boggling proposition as to how the terrorists made their way into the naval base. Perhaps the surveillance cameras at the base could not detect the terrorists a la the radars that could not find the helicopters that kept hovering in Abbottabad for two long hours when Bin Ladin was killed. Moreover, there has always been round-the-clock patrol inside the base but even then the terrorists entered in the naval base with infinite audacity. They made our army personnel a spectacle before the whole world as only four terrorists kept fighting with our army professionals for 17 long hours. In the process they martyred 11 professionals of our army and destroyed two Orion P3C aircraft worth 70 million US dollars. According to the news, the miscreants were equipped with state-of-the-art weapons and had a thorough dexterity to fight like the professionals of a well trained guerrilla army. Two of the four terrorists were killed while two others made good their escape adding insult to our injury. The hell broke loose by the loose security at the naval base, call it a security lapse or a security breach. The fleeing of the two terrorists is a brazen defeat of our security personnel. If they had been arrested they could have divulged as to who had masterminded the gory incident. It is now all the more difficult to put blame on Taliban, CIA or RAW or any other outfit as we don't have sufficient information to substantiate our invariable version that the Taliban stormed the naval base at Karachi. One thing is loud and clear that whosoever has done this has sent a crystal clear message to us that they are skilful enough to attack anywhere in Pakistan. It is high time the rogue elements were booted out from all the security departments of our country lest our nuclear assets should be captured by unknown powers. MUBUSHAR ALI SULEHRIA, Wah Cantt, May 24.