KARACHI (Agencies) The commander of the PNS Mehran base attacked by militants on Sunday was relieved of his command on Wednesday, the Navy said in a statement, a rare sign of accountability in the military establishment. Commodore Raja Tahir has been relieved from his duties with immediate effect, a Navy statement said. Commodore Khalid Pervez is taking over as the base commander and his predecessor will be assigned new responsibilities, a navy spokesman, Commander Salman Ali, told AFP. He did not say what new job the outgoing commander will hold. Although the decision was announced just two days after the attack ended, Ali insisted the transfer was unconnected. It is a routine and scheduled transfer. The base commander was scheduled to be replaced, even if there was no attack on the facility, he said. It has no link whatsoever with the inquiry of the incident. However, according to military sources Raja Tahir would remain suspended until the completion of PNS naval attack report. According to initial investigation into the attack, six terrorists in two groups entered the Mehran base from the PAF jurisdiction. The six terrorists were wearing suicide jackets and had a large number of ammunition with them. Their first encounter with forces occurred at around dawn. The terrorists had no food with them. However, they did have night vision goggles with them. Four navy personnel currently in Adiala jail were also questioned during preliminary investigations. They all were court-martialed. None of them had ever been posted to PNS Mehran Base. The assault was the worst on a military base since the army headquarters was besieged in October 2009.