ISLAMABAD (Online) - Chairman National Highway Authority (NHA) Junaid Khan has been expelled from meeting of Monitoring and Implementation Committee of National Assemblys Public Accounts Committee. Chairman NHA has not only refused to provide details with regard to development schemes worth Rs 623 billion to committee but also adopted stubborn behaviour with committee members. Haider Abbas Rizvi also staged a token walk-out from committee against stubborn behaviour of Chairman NHA. The committee met under the Chairpersonship of Committee Chairperson Yasmeen Rehman to review different matters of NHA and Ministry of Industrial Production. During the committee meeting, the Chairman NHA had refused to lend details of development schemes worth Rs 623 billion saying he is compelled to do so. He said he is carrying out his duty honestly and he is answerable to Almighty Allah. The committee members adopted a stance that NHA has become a hub of corruption and the attitude of Chairman NHA is against the prestige of the committee. Action should be taken against Chairman NHA, they added. The Chairman NHA bluntly asked the committee to take action against him. 'Nothing would happen, he added. Haider Abbas Rizvi staged a token walk-out against stubborn attitude of Chairman NHA Junaid Khan. Haider Abbas Rizvi and Chairman NHA also exchanged harsh words in the meeting. Upon it, the committee chairperson expelled Chairman NHA and his team out of the meeting. The Committee Chairperson Yasmeen Rehman in her remarks said all the bureaucrats are answerable to Parliament. 'If Chairman NHA thinks himself above the Parliament then action would be taken against him, she said. Later, Deputy Chairman Planning Commission Nadeem-ul-Haq briefed the committee. He said that the national exchequer had to face burden worth Rs 400 billion just because of Pakistan Railways, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and Pakistan Steel Mills. He sought help of Parliament to restructure these corporations. The Committee has also sought report over restructuring those corporations who are in running in loss. Chairman Standing Committee on Railways Ayaz Sadiq informed the committee that if Rs 11 billion were not given to Pakistan Railways then it would be destroyed. We have decided to meet Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, he added. The Committee also took strong notice with regard to illegal sale of shares of Pakistan Engineering Company due to which national exchequer had to face loss worth Rs 1.5 billion. The committee ordered action against the responsible persons.