ISLAMABAD - Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Wednesday demanded convening of joint session of the parliament to discuss terrorists attack on Mehran naval base in Karachi. PML-N will participate only if it will be an open session as the country can not afford another in-camera sitting, he told reporters here at the Punjab House. Nisar said PML-N along with other opposition parties would evolve a course to force the government to implement unanimous resolution passed by the joint sitting of the parliament on May13 for constituting an independent commission to probe the Abbottabad episode. PML-N is working on few options in case the government fails to convene joint sitting of the parliament. One of these options is to take on the government during the upcoming budget session, he added. He also demanded the government to take the nation into confidence on the important issues like implementation of unanimous resolution adopted by the joint sitting of the parliament, talks held with US Senator John Kerry and tacit understanding reached between him and the government. While expressing his anguish, he mentioned the continuous absence of Federal Minister for Defence Ch Ahmed Mukhtar. He said the naval base tragedy was another episode that distressed the nation while the rulers were busy in pursuing their personal agendas and made Pakistan a laughing stock in the world. Pakistan is passing through a critical time as we are in the state of war which has neither any timeframe nor any battlefield. The enemies have besieged us from all the sides. It is the unfortunate that incompetent leadership is ruling the country which is incapable of managing the situation, Nisar added. He said his party had paid glowing tributes to those who laid down their lives while struggling to ensure independence and sovereignty of the country. The opposition leader opined that how long the nation would have to bear such incidents and for how many time the parents would fetch the dead bodies of their children. And for how long our sisters will lose their husbands. Now the time has come that instead of asking questions, people should be given answers, he added. He said it was the time to take action against the responsible for such incidents. The outcome of the prevailing situation is only incompetence and inactiveness of the rulers. It seems there is no government in Pakistan. After the Karachi incident, one thing emerged clearly that the whole country is burning in the fire of terrorism and the rulers are busy in playing abysmal games, he said. Nisar pointed out that the nation was in a state of confusion over the Abbottabad operation when the Karachi incident happened. Chaudhary Nisar said it was strange phenomena that terrorists were attacking important defence installations while the rulers were sleeping fast. He said the institutions were stronger than personalities and to save the institutions the accountability of personalities must be carried out.