Renowned nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer has said that Islamabads purchase and sale of atomic equipment with any foreign company could not be termed as illegal as Pakistan is not a signatory of the Non-proliferation Treaty. Dr Abdul Qadeer, whospent five years in house arrest following charges of selling nuclear details to Libya and other countries in 2004, told the BBC via telephone on Wednesday, Im not authorised to give a formal interview to any media representative. He said the use of the term 'illegal for Pakistans nuclear programme was not a new thing as it had been in practice for long time since the acceleration of the workon the project in ZiaulHaqs regime.ZiaulHaq had directed all his officials, including the foreign minister, to respond to foreigners questions by saying that Islamabad is not a signatory to any international law, DrQadeersaid, adding, The same answer is valid even today. He went on to say, If we have not singed any treaty, there is no question of terming our trade as illegal.