OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE - Leaders of various political parties, while condemning the suicide attack on crime investigation department of the Peshawar police, have stressed upon the government to disassociate itself from the US war on terror and to immediately implement parliaments resolution passed after Abbottabad incident. PTI chief Imran Khan while condemning the Peshawar tragedy claimed that the rulers were protecting the interests of the Americans instead of serving national interests. He maintained that federal as well as provincial governments had failed to protect the lives and properties of the masses, as the ruling elite was only interested in protecting its rule and not the lives of its citizens. Imran appealed to the nation for rising up against the purported US-puppet government in order to bring the new rulers who could repel the American pressure. JI ameer Munawar Hasan said that the rulers should immediately disassociate themselves from the US war on terror or it would be too late. He maintained that ongoing war on terror was in fact a campaign to target the nuclear assets of the country. He said that Natos top boss had clearly indicated their intentions regarding strategic assets of Pakistan and warned that the country had to face serious consequences if the rulers failed to take any immediate step. Munawar said that France, India, Israel and Britain were allies of the US on its war on terror, while Russian fixes responsibility of its defeat in Afghanistan on Pakistan. In the case of China, he added that Beijing dont trust Islamabad so far due to its pro-US policies. Fawad Ch, spokesman All Pakistan Muslim League, stressed the need for national unity and standing behind the security forces instead of demoralising them in order to eliminate the menace of terror from the motherland. Ahsan Iqbal, 'N spokesman, condemning the tragic incident urged upon the government to immediately implement Parliaments resolution passed after Abbotabad incident in letter and spirit to eliminate terrorism. We dont have any national counter terrorism policy and implementing parliaments resolution is the only way to end terrorism. 'Q leader Chaudhry Zaheer asked for a consensus among the political and security forces as well as the masses for redefining contours of countrys internal and external security policy.