A man from sales joined police department when his erstwhile friend asked him the difference between the two services. The policeman replied, In sales the customer was always right but in police I am always right. This was in Europe but in Pakistan it is the salesman is also always right. The word customer service is a big joke. My internet service provider, World Call, is not delivering for the past three weeks and in spite of complaint no: 1298508, innumerable repeated reminders and multiple visits to the so-called customer service office in Gulburge, the problem has not been addressed. There is no way to reach the concerned staff on telephone or in person. They are 'not on their seats when called and are 'not in the office when approached in person. If a person cant be on his job well after 10.00 am for days on end, they better close the office and wind up their customer services hoax. DR. SHAHID QAYYUM, Lahore, May 16