ISLAMABAD - The powerful mafias have clutched almost all organisations in the country and the case of Pakistan Sports Board doesn't tell a different story, as TheNation has found some serious irregularities in PCB affairs. According to detail available with TheNation, Allama Iqbal Hostel in PSB is meant for housing national or international players only when sporting activities are under way at PSB, but some powerful people, who either enjoy political backing or hold key offices in the government, are not only enjoying all the benefits by staying in the abovementioned hostel but also causing millions of rupees loss to the national exchequer by using air-conditioners round-the-clock, despite away from the hostel for the whole day. This scribe has a complete list of beneficiaries who are enjoying unlimited facilities at the cost of public money and they include Saif-ur-Rehman, Advisor to Rehman Malik on Fata, residing at Allama Iqbal Hostel since August 1, 2008 in Room No 114, Syed Zafar Shah, PS to Pir Fazal Hussain Shah MNA, occupying the Room No 427 since June 21, 2009, Kh Aqib, Room No 426, occupying the room since January 1, 2010, Ghulam Muhammad Jakhrani, Room No 229, residing since December 16, 2009, Yaqoob Advocate, Room No 428, residing since February 24, 2010, Rashid Jatoai, Room No 113, living since September 15, 2010, Dr Lal Chand, Parliamentary Secretary, Room No 224, residing since December 12 , 2010, and Nawab Khan, Room No 324, living since April 8, 2011. The situation is not different in other places too, as VIP rooms of Jinnah Stadium are also not spared by these elements during the recently concluded international judo championship and due to that five kids had to share one room. Muhammad Ali has been residing in VIP room of Jinnah Stadium since November 11, 2010, Munawar Abbas, Additional Secretary, National Assembly is also holding a VIP room there. These people are so influential that they have full backing of the PSB High command and whenever they have been asked to vacate the rooms, they manage to hold on these rooms by using their influence or threatening the staff. These irregularities are going unabated right under the nose of Federal Sports Minister, Engr Shaukat Ullah as he has an office in PSB. The Sports Minister must take action against these persons, as they are making the future of the country bleak by using such facilities which are meant for the players' betterment. Either the Sports Minister is unaware of these things or he is least bothered to take action. He is busy in foreign tours because he also holds the additional portfolio of SAFRON. The youngsters have appealed to the President and Prime Minister to take immediate action against these blue-eyed persons and order the DG Pakistan Sports Board Syed Amir Hamaza Gilani to immediately get these rooms vacated from their possession. Mohsin Ali